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Tanker Cars Full Of Hazardous Fuel Abandoned On SMART Train Tracks Near Sonoma

SCHELLVILLE (KPIX) -- A train hauling millions of gallons of highly-flammable liquid petroleum gas is currently stopped on the SMART rail corridor in Schellville just south of Sonoma.

KPIX has learned that Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit is furious that a train with 80 cars filled with highly flammable liquid petroleum was left on their tracks. Hazardous materials in this volume must have permits but SMART says no permits were filed by Northwestern Pacific Railroad, believed to be the train's owner.

It might be a ticking time bomb in the middle of Wine Country.

SMART spokeswoman Jeanne Mariani-Belding told KPIX: ""Because we believe that this is a public-safety issue, a health-and-safety issue, we have told [Northwestern Pacific] that they are not to move anything on our tracks without the proper safety plan -- without the proper hazardous-materials plan. Until we have that documentation and until we know exactly how they plan to transport this, they are not permitted to use our track."

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