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Every Vote Counts: Sausalito City Council Race Decided by Single Vote

SAUSALITO (KPIX 5) – Proving that every vote counts, a City Council race in Sausalito was finally decided nearly a month after Election Day by the slimmest of margins.

The race between Ian Sobieski and incumbent Joan Cox was decided by a single vote. According to the results certified by the Marin Registrar of Voters, Sobieski landed a seat on the council with 1,877 votes, while Cox received 1,876.

Sobieski told KPIX 5, "It's been an interesting experience to live a long vote tally, much like a metaphor for the national vote tally but with much less consequence."

Meanwhile, Cox is still digesting the results. "I am gob smacked," Cox said. "If I were to be defeated, it would be easier to be defeated by a larger margin, quite honestly."

Registrar of Voters Linda Roberts said the results were certified this week. "This is the first time that I recall with a one vote difference," she said.

"We counted an extra 600 mail-in ballots and in all of our manual counting showed that the equipment was counting accurately," Roberts went on to say.

Cox hinted that she is not done and said she was "definitely considering" a recount. "We have to ensure the vote is accurate through the democratic process," Cox said.

When asked if the count was accurate, Cox said, "I believe it is, but I believe a recount may be helpful to confirm that fact."

Roberts said elections officials are ready for a possible recount. "I'm just waiting to see if I get a request, and any voter can request a recount within five days after I certify, which was yesterday on the second," the registrar of voters said.

Sobieski said he is humbled. "Joan Cox has set the standard for what it means to be prepared and to hardworking, for every city council member to aspire to and I certainly do," he said.

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