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San Jose police arrest 2 men suspected of assaulting officer at weekend sideshow

PIX Now Afternoon Edition - 6/19/24
PIX Now Afternoon Edition - 6/19/24 07:54

San Jose police arrested two people suspected of assaulting an officer during a sideshow near Santana Row.

The sideshow happened on Winchester Boulevard, around 7 p.m. Saturday. People in the area flagged down a reserve officer to request help for a person who was struck by a driver during the sideshow.

While trying to get to the victim, people at the sideshow vandalized the patrol car and prevented him from getting to the injured spectator. The officer was also injured as a result.

The crowd eventually dispersed before more officers arrived.

On Monday, San Jose police said they arrested the driver they suspected had injured the sideshow spectator. He was identified as 24-year-old Aidan Rehault.

Acting Police Chief Paul Joseph added that they would "expend every effort to identify and apprehend all involved." On Wednesday, San Jose police tracked down two suspects to the city of San Juan Bautista, about an hour south of San Jose.

Police identified the suspects as 22-year-old Tyler Durbin and 26-year-old Gabe Durbin. They were arrested on suspicion of inciting a riot, assault on a peace officer and felony vandalism.

San Jose police said they are continuing to work to identify all other spectators involved. 

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