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Family of Vallejo teen Pearl Pinson holds out hope 6 years after disappearance

Family of Vallejo teen Pearl Pinson holds out hope 6 years after disappearance
Family of Vallejo teen Pearl Pinson holds out hope 6 years after disappearance 02:33

VALLEJO – Six years after 15-year-old Pearl Pinson disappeared off the streets of Vallejo, her family refuses to give up hope that she will be found.

In chalk, the base of the pedestrian footbridge that crosses Interstate 780 in Vallejo bears the name of Pearl Pinson. Wednesday marks six years that Pearl, wearing her black and turquoise backpack, was abducted and never to be seen again.

This year - like every year, her older sister Rose comes out with family hoping against hope to keep her face and name in people's minds - to bring her home.

"It's extremely hard. But I know have to do it because I have to be her voice. If it was switched the other way around, she would've done it for me too," Rose Pinson told KPIX 5.

Pearl Pinson of Vallejo was reported missing on May 27, 2016. (CBS)

Pearl Pinson was last seen bleeding - being shoved into the trunk of 1997 Saturn. A day later, that Saturn was in chase through Central and Southern California. The driver, 19-year-old Fernando Castro, died in a shootout with law enforcement near Solvang, but there was no sign of Pearl.

Last December was Pearl's 21st birthday.

While constantly following up on leads for Pearl, tragedy compounded for Rose Pinson. Her husband, the father of her child Andres, was shot and killed.

"They both hurt, because they were the two closest people I had. I know I'll find my sister. I know his Daddy's up there," she said.

Rose said Andres - who has his Aunt's remarkable blue eyes - is the best thing to ever happen to her and that he constantly reminds her of Pearl.

"He has her laugh. He acts like her. His little attitude he has is just like hers, just like hers."

Rose said he pushes her to get up every morning and fight for Pearl - fight for the slimmest possibility she can bring Pearl home.

"She was always happy no matter what - she seen the positive in all of the negative stuff. It sucks not to have her here with us — to see him grow up - but I'm going to continue to fight so he can someday see his Aunty," Rose said.

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