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Plan To Have Hungry Manatees Munch Invasive Stockton Port Weeds Won't Float

STOCKTON (KCBS) - The mayor of Stockton's unusual plan for ridding the city's waterways of an invasive weed has been shot down.

Mayor Anthony Silva had suggested bringing hungry manatees in from Florida to clear out masses of water hyacinth.

There is so much overgrowth of the plant in the Port of Stockton that boats are having a hard time navigating.

But experts say the manatee idea wouldn't work. Manatees are endangered, so moving them from Florida to Central California wouldn't be allowed, reported the Stockton Record.

And even if they could be moved here - they wouldn't last long - the Delta waters are too cold for manatees to survive.

Silva has also suggested offering the plant to furniture manufacturers - or using it as biofuel.

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