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L.A. Still Wants NFL Team, Raiders Move Still Possible

LOS ANGELES (CBS Sports) -- If you haven't thought about the potential of an NFL team moving to Los Angeles in a while, you'd be forgiven. But that doesn't mean L.A. has given up the fight.

The L.A. City Council's Economic Development Committee has backed a resolution that urges the NFL to bring at least one or maybe two teams to L.A., and the resolution will now go before the full City Council.

The league continues to monitor the possibility of bringing football back to L.A., 52 years after the Chargers migrated south to San Diego, and 18 years after the Rams headed east for St. Louis while Al Davis returned the Raiders to Oakland.

But so far, there hasn't been any movement. It seems that the Spanos family wants the Chargers to remain in San Diego. The Raiders are a possibility perhaps, especially if they can't get a new stadium and continue to decide that sharing the San Francisco 49ers new home is unpalatable.

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