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Exodus From Bay Area Leads To Shortage Of Available Moving Trucks

SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) -- The ongoing exodus of people leaving the Bay Area because of the high cost of living is contributing to a new problem as actually finding movers to help with relocation has become a challenge.

Santa Clara residents Ashley Joyce, her husband and their one-year old daughter are moving back to their native Ohio after three years in the Golden Gtate, their California dream coming to an end.

"Just expenses, day care costs. We could do it, but it wasn't as comfortable as we wanted it to be," explained Joyce.

She works for a credit union and her husband is an aerospace engineer.

Both have good-paying jobs, but they know they would never be able to afford a house in the Bay Area.

So they are moving back where they will build their own and be close to their extended families.

"There's a lot of heartache that we are leaving a place that we love, but ultimately we know it's the right choice," said Joyce.

It's one thing for families to decide to leave California. But this summer, many are finding that it's quite another to actually find a moving company to haul their things out of state.

Chris Mayer's company Macy Movers has been moving families for 100 years.

But rarely if ever, has there been a situation like this.

With as many people that are leaving California and fewer moving in, there is a shortage of outgoing long-haul truck drivers.

"We're booked out until the end of July," explained Mayer. "All the van lines are in the same situation. They get a good size load coming out of California and then they are trying to get the drivers back in here with another load. But they don't come back full, they are partially empty. So it's tough to make money for the drivers."

Macy's parent company atlas van lines issued a six-week blackout for out-of-state moves this summer.

"It's been really hard to tell customers that you can't get them," said Mayer. "Of course we want the business, but we can't have a service failure either."

Summer is the peak moving time of year and things should lighten up by September.

By then, Ashley and her family will be settled in Ohio and making plans to build their dream home in the Buckeye State.

According to statistics, the top three destinations for out-of-state moves from the Bay Area are Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.


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