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Sac State police identify sexual assault suspect, issue warrant for his arrest

Sac State campus creeper identified
Sac State alleged campus creeper identified 02:35

SACRAMENTO — The Sacramento State Police Department said an arrest warrant has been issued for a man who is accused of identifying himself as a student and sexually assaulting two people.

Nida Muhammad Niazy, 31 Sacramento State Police Department

The suspect, previously referred to as "Zayn," was identified by police Wednesday as Nida Muhammad Niazy, 31.

Sac State police said Niazy is not a student at the university and was not at his home when officers attempted to arrest him on Nov. 10.

The first assault happened off-campus on Sept. 23. The second incident happened several weeks ago on campus.

Police say that, in both cases, the suspect met the victims on campus and identified himself as a Sac State student.

"It's absolutely disgusting that this guy got away with it from not just one case but two cases," student Sanjana Lingam said.

We showed his picture once again to students. The victims are now being hailed as heroes considering word is now traveling fast on Niazy and the investigation is picking up speed.

"Now, other women know to beware and know to be careful as well, so if anything, they're the heroes," student Cheyenne Mosely said.

Campus police are asking the public for any information that could lead to Niazy's location and arrest.

"I genuinely hope that they do find this guy, that they arrest him for the justice of the victims," Lingam said.

Students remain on heightened alert. Just last week, there was another disturbing case with a different suspect who was caught recording a woman in a bathroom stall on campus. They're urging each other to report every case to get the suspects caught.

"Because it's a scary world out there and he most likely won't be the last," Mosely said.

"I think it's a very scary time and I think it's just a reminder of us to walk in groups, don't go out alone. If you want to take a walk, take a friend with you," Mosely said.

Sac State plans to hold a press conference Thursday about the announcement.

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