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Modern-day Golden Girls from Grass Valley make their talk-show debut

Meet the modern-day Golden Girls from California's own Grass Valley
Meet the modern-day Golden Girls from California's own Grass Valley 02:48

GRASS VALLEY — Four women, also known as the modern-day Golden Girls, took their friendship all the way to the Big Apple and made their talk show debut.

Joan Harris, Elsie Webb, Sylvia Crane and Mary Grace Tassone all live at the Atria senior living facility in Grass Valley after graduating from Mount Saint Mary Academy more than 75 years ago.

They had the opportunity to be featured on the Drew Barrymore show and the episode debuted last week.

"I'd also love to ask each of you one piece of advice on maintaining and cultivating the garden of friendship if you don't mind," Barrymore said during the interview.

"You have to have thick skin," Harris replied.

They refer to themselves as the "Silver Girls," although there is still debate on who would be which Golden Girl.

"I'm the rebel of the group. I've been a rebel all my life," Webb said.

"Oh, Joan is Blanche," Crane said.

Harris said her relationship status was also a hot topic during the interview.

"Also, I heard you might be dating. Is that true?" Barrymore asked.

"I have a boyfriend, yeah," Harris answered.

Through the laughs and advice, all four women said it's a good reminder to cherish the friendships you have as good friends can be hard to find.

"I don't know what the big interest is. We're just four ordinary people," Harris said.

"I think it's because friendships are important to people," Tassone responded.

The girls said if the Golden Girls were still alive, they think they would all get along very well.

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