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The First Wave Isn't Over: Gov. Newsom Says Everyone Needs To Wear A Face Mask

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Gov. Gavin Newsom says the number of coronavirus cases is going up, including hospitalizations and ICU cases.

He says it's more important now than ever for everyone to wear face masks. It's been a divisive battle over face coverings.  Last week, the state mandated everyone wear them in indoor public spaces, and some outdoor spaces, too.

Now, Arnold Schwarzenegger and three other former Governors in California are getting behind Governor Newsom in a video campaign.

"This is not about being weak," said Schwarzenegger.

But at a press conference, Newsom addressed mixed messaging from the state. He's encouraging you to patronize local businesses while putting that mask mandate in effect. It's something he's leaving up to the counties to enforce.

"What is the enforcement mechanism? We look to local government to drive the enforcement," Newsom said.

That means no one will stop you on the street if you aren't wearing one, but the governor is asking you to report businesses who don't follow the rules.

"When you go to a restaurant and it's clear they're not practicing what we are preaching, report them," he said.

He says the state and the county will get involved if businesses don't enforce masks and social distancing.

"Local government and the state of California has the right to go after people who are simply thumbing their nose and abusing their privilege," he said.

Five sheriff's departments across the state, including Sacramento County, have said they won't enforce the mask mandate.

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