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California Wildfire Evacuees Surprise Boy With Birthday Party

SONOMA COUNTY (CBS13) — All Khush Nagpal wanted for his birthday was a cake, but he got a much sweeter celebration in the most unlikely place.

Sonoma Valley High School is now an evacuation center for hundreds of families who lost everything in the raging inferno burning miles away.

But Mom managed to save her son's birthday outfit her family sent from India. Then, the fire department delivered hard hats, a local bakery donated a cake, and the party started.

"Different different, so happy thank you to all people in here," said Khush's mom Vandana Nagpal.

"We were just expecting us to celebrate as a family because that's really what we do," his sister said.

But volunteers had a different plan.

"This got set up so so quickly on Tuesday and Thursday. We just have so much community support we don't know what to do with it," said high school senior Lauren Smith.

Even Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley wanted to be there for Khush.

"The attitude is we're just gonna get through it together," she said.

And together, they rounded up money for a gift. It just so happens Khush loves fire trucks.

"Thank you, everyone," he yelled.

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