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Woman Injured After Bullet Ricochets During Shooting

AMBRIDGE (KDKA) - Ambridge Police are investigating after a woman was found with a graze wound to her leg.

Police say around midnight they were called to Maplewood Avenue for a report of shots fired.

Police found shell casings and a fragmented bullet on the scene. As they began to search the area, police nearby found the victim after a traffic stop.

"A short time later we were able to locate the victim, who reported that she had been hit by a ricocheted bullet off a car door," said Sgt. Brian Jameson with Ambridge Police.

Police believe the 23-year-old female victim fled the scene after the shooting, getting into a car with her female friend.

After talking with both police and the victim's family, it appears that the victim's friend and the victim's boyfriend got into some sort of altercation out in the street.

"They get into a little pushing match and the friend gets into the car and he's allegedly outside the car banging on the window and then she hears two shots being fired."

One of those bullets ricocheted and hit the victim. Neighbors awoke to the gunfire and police activity.

"It was just scary because this is a quiet neighborhood. It's a good neighborhood," said neighbor Rosemarie Elchin. "You don't usually hear gunshots. So it kind of frightened me and needless to say I was up the whole night."

As of Monday morning, police were not releasing the alleged shooter's name. The investigation is ongoing.

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