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What Not To Wear To The Holiday Party

By Sally Turkovich

The holiday season means holiday parties and there is no better way to show off your sense of style than at the office holiday party. Attire for a work function should always strive to be classy and functional while still maintaining some trendy elements. This holds true -- perhaps even more so -- at special events like holiday parties.

Yes, you want to wear a party outfit that lets everyone see your personality but keep in mind that there are some rules to follow when it comes to putting together an outfit that is appropriate for something that is technically still a work function.

Here is your "Wear This, Not That" list of does and don'ts for your holiday party outfit.

(Photo Credit: Sally Turkovitch)

Wear a sweater or dress that's encrusted in sequins, not a sweater with red and green and white sequins in the shape of Christmas trees, wreaths and snowmen.
It might be time to say goodnight to the "Ugly Sweater Christmas Party" theme - at least when it comes to office holiday parties. You might get away with the ironically ugly Christmas tree turtleneck and sweater vest with reindeer at your whacky aunt's family holiday party but for your work party, go for glitzy instead of campy. That cute top or skirt with sequins that just seems too sparkly to wear most of the time is the perfect piece to pair with some understated accessories at a holiday party.

(Photo Credit: Sally Turkovitch)

Wear a cute flower or feather headband, not a reindeer antler, mistletoe or Christmas tree headband.
Any sort of hair accessory that might also be something your 10-year-old niece could wear to her Christmas pageant is not the kind of hair accessory you want to wear when you are going to be around your boss. Go for a small accessory like a clip or thin headband decorated with the sparkle season's most subtle colors: winter white, dark burgundy or even black and white. Say no to novelty headbands and yes to ones with cute add-ons.

Wear a classic, tailored pair of pants, not jeans.
Guys, this goes double for you especially if your holiday office party is actually an out-of-the-office office holiday party. Just because you get to clock out early and head to the local pub or bistro downtown doesn't mean you should go casual. Spending a few extra hours in your suit pants won't hurt you. Try this go to tip - ditch the suit jacket and go for the still-cute jingle-bell in lieu of the necktie.

Wear classy clothing, not what you'd wear to a bar on the South Side on New Year's Eve.
Ladies, this one is all you. This is a no brainer. When you're with colleagues, you don't want to end up having too much eggnog and have a - ahem- wardrobe malfunction. A slim-fitting cashmere turtleneck sweater is just as sexy as a low cut top. A pair of five-inch heels is not appealing if you need to hang on to someone to make it across the room. You want to look nice and have a good time, not like you're on your way to your cousin's bachelorette party. Wear some tall boots with a cute cardigan and a pencil skirt for a classy but still stylish outfit.

Wear your smile, not your frown.
A huge part of style is attitude. There's nothing worse than being the party-pooper that sulks at the work party. If you go to the party, put on your party pants (or dress), get ready for a night of schmoozing with your boss and smile like you mean it.

Sally Turkovich lives in Pittsburgh with her fiancé, Jason and German Shepherd, Zeus. By day she works as an eyewear stylist for an independent eye doctor. By night, she writes a twice-weekly column for Twoday Magazine. Catch up with her there at

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