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Westmoreland County Woman Charged In Credit Card Fraud Scheme That Spanned The Globe

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- A woman from Westmoreland County is accused of perpetrating credit card fraud that spanned the globe.

The story starts in Leechburg after a call from police in El Paso, Texas.

"We were contacted from West Texas that a victim down there had been located and a fraud had been perpetrated against them using credit cards up here in Allegheny Township," Allegheny Township Police Chief Duane Fisher said.

Investigators say the victim was taken for seven separate $1,000 cash advances, all withdrawn from a bank in Leechburg. Bank security cameras and other paperwork allegedly showed 32-year-old Julia Marie Williams using the card and taking the money.

Where did Williams get the card?

"She was in communication with a male in Ghana over a dating site for several years," Fisher said.

The crime, first centered in Texas and Westmoreland County, also now involved the West African nation of Ghana and Williams' supposed online love interest and alleged mastermind, Daniel Asante.

"She received some credit cards in the mail. And although the paperwork was in her name, the credit cards were in other people's names," Fisher said.

Police went to Williams' home and found the following things.

"There were over 50 items of evidence taken. Different forms, documents, credit cards in other people's names, and instruments to commit these frauds," Fisher said.

When questioned, Williams told police she knew what she did wasn't right but did it anyway. She also admitted that she never actually met Asante.

"Based on what we know so far, there was never a personal meeting," Fisher said. "There was communication via cell phone, text messaging, apps, those types of things."

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office is now handling the investigation. Investigators are looking into whether there may be more victims.

Williams is free on bond and set to face justice. But finding Asante and bringing him to trial in Westmoreland County is highly unlikely.

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