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Tree Crashes Onto Brookline Auto Parts Shop

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BROOKLINE (KDKA) -- A tree crashed down onto an Advanced Auto Parts shop in Brookline early Sunday morning.

The property owner, Phyllis Wechsler, says the trouble started a few days ago when a tree came down next door to the auto shop on West Liberty Avenue.

advanced auto parts tree down
(Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Fletcher Rumbaugh)

She says she and the store manager initially didn't think much of it because it had been raining, but then more trees started to come down.

Chad Hardy, who owns a nearby beer distributor, heard when a large tree fell on the auto shop Sunday.

"This morning, around 12:30, I heard a loud boom like a tractor trailer hitting the property. I was pretty sure what it was, and I came outside and saw the tree resting here on the building," Hardy said.

brookline tree down
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

No one was injured, but the tree did put a hole in the roof and parts of the tree crashed onto two pick-up trucks parked on the hillside.

Hardy said he noticed a water main overflowing on a street above the hill, forcing water down the hillside.


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