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COVID-19 In Washington County: Online Registration Form Connects Organizations With Vaccinators

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) - The big topic of conversations right now is when you'll get the coronavirus vaccine. While the state doesn't have a clear plan, Washington County is putting the information in one place.

"We regularly meet with the commissioners and the hospitals in the county," said Washington County Public Safety Director Jeff Yates.

Yates told KDKA there was no real way to keep track of who was and wasn't vaccinated, so a solution was born.

"It's designed for the groups, not an individual registration, but the 1A, the 1B and the 1C, although we are focusing on 1A right now," Yates said.

On the county website, you'll find a Google document form for vaccine registration. That can also be found at here.

Essential workers from Washington, Fayette and Greene counties can use it to register an organization. The goal is to vaccinate a group of people at one time like a police department or a school district.

"On that form, you fill in the number of people needing vaccinated, a contact person, the contact person's information and finally pick a site where they'd like to be vaccinated," Yates said.

While the obvious choice for sites are the two hospitals in the county, Yates said a number of independent pharmacies have stepped up to be added to the list.

"If there is a certain entity that has surplus vaccine, they can go to the list and see who in the 1A list still needs done and they can contact them to see if they are interested. It makes it more efficient in getting the 1A group done and not waste vaccines," Yates said.

The site is live for any group in Phase 1 to register. Now when it comes time to vaccinate the public individually, Yates said the process may need to be reevaluated.

"Our vaccinators are really the ones looking at it and using it. It really functions as a gateway to get these groups into the system," Yates said.

The registration form is a partnership between the county, Mon Valley Hospital, Washington Health System, Centerville Clinics and Cornerstone Clinics.

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