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Washington Co. DA Seeking Death Penalty Against Couple Accused Of Hiding Baby's Body In Bedroom Wall

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) -- The Washington County district attorney is seeking the death penalty against a couple accused of hiding their baby's body in a wall at a home in Charleroi.

Jason Walsh told the judge his intentions during a formal arraignment Friday morning. Walsh said he believes aggravating circumstances apply in this case, which means Kylie Wilt and Alan Hollis could get the death penalty, if convicted.

Wilt, 25, appeared in person, while Hollis appeared over video. They're accused of hiding their son Archer Hollis' remains inside a bedroom wall in a crate at their home in Charleroi. Investigators found the baby's body in November.

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KDKA tried talking to Shelby Wilt, Kylie's sister, but she was too emotional as she was leaving the courthouse. All she would say is she's sad. However, she later said over text:

"I love Kylie and this is not what I wanted for her," she wrote. "I know because I'm her sister I'm partial to the situation, but anyone who knows her knows she would never hurt a child, let alone kill one."

Alan's mom Beth Hollis wasn't at Friday's hearing, but KDKA talked to her over the phone.

"I'm heartbroken," she said. "No one wants their child to grow up sitting on death row for something that could've been avoided. I don't want my son to die but it's up to a judge and jury."

In order to seek the penalty, Walsh said he had to find aggravating circumstances.

"The ones I believe are applicable are the three I cited and filed, which are torture, the age of the child being under 12 and the crime was committed in the perpetration of a felony," Walsh said. "The aggravated assault of the child due to the basis of that commonwealth will have to prove due to the pre-existing injuries of this child. This child had pre-existing fractures."

Walsh said he believes baby Archer was five months to a year old when he died in February. Early in the investigation, Wilt told police her son died from SIDS at their home on Upper Crest Avenue and didn't have money to bury him.

Investigators said the couple moved to another home in Charleroi on Lookout Avenue, placed the crate with Archer's body in it inside of a bedroom wall, covered it with drywall and painted over it. The DA said a forensic exam revealed the boy suffered broken ribs.

A pre-trial conference will be the next step in the case. It's unclear when the trial will take place, but the Walsh said Wilt and Hollis will be tried together.

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