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Voice Of The Voters: Beaver County Voters Weighing The Past And Future

For the latest story in our "Voice of the Voter" series, KDKA's Royce Jones heads to Beaver County to talk to voters about what issues they think matter most.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The latest assignment to hear from voters led KDKA 30 miles west of Pittsburgh.

KDKA drove down long stretches of roads, decorated with yard signs supporting the presidential nominees, into the political boxing ring otherwise known as Beaver County.

"As Beaver County goes, so goes the nation," State Rep. Rob Matzie told KDKA.

Beaver County has become a historic stomping ground for presidential candidates like John F. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and most recently, President Donald Trump. According to leaders, the county has a wavering political past, previously Democratic and now Republican all within the last 20 years.

State Rep. Josh Kail told KDKA, "I don't know that Beaver County has changed that much. I know who we vote for has changed dramatically."

The traditions and values have remained the same, too. People who live in Beaver Co. say the area is a blue-collar county. There are also rich traditions of trade and manufacturing jobs.

Previously promising steel towns have turned into busy business hubs. That is where KDKA found John Ecker, an undecided voter who is willing to cross party lines to keep the economy alive in Beaver County.

"The economy is better with Trump. But I know Biden is offering more toys, more money and stuff like that," said Ecker.


Republican voters Ernie and Kalena Cipolla were enjoying lunch outdoors when KDKA caught up with them. The couple voted for President Trump because of his bold attitude.

"He has given us more freedoms, almost to speak up, versus in the past," said Kalena Cipolla.

This is exactly what Lisa Booker, a Democratic voter, hopes to escape by voting for Biden.

"If those things are in his heart, how could a man represent a country for all people?" said Booker.

Dorothy Hoover remains undecided because of a lack of discussion surrounding policy.

"Give me answers on issues, all the issues going on today, not screaming at each other," said Hoover.

While many are divided over the upcoming election, Ecker left KDKA with these words of advice.

"We're gonna be OK. We always recover. We're the greatest country in the world," said Ecker.


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