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Is Chivalry Dead? Viral Video From Baseball Game Prompts Discussion

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- What was he thinking?

It's a common question being asked since Tuesday night's baseball game in Arizona when a home run came down in the left center field front row and a guy jumped out of the way.

The only problem – his female companion got clocked in the head by the round tripper. Watch the video here.

Guys, take a note.

If you go to a baseball game with a female companion there is an unwritten code.

It is a code as old as the cave men and women and we're not talking about Geico's faux cavemen.

It is the same code that has prompted men to throw coats over puddles so a woman would not soil her shoes. The same code that prompted men to duel, fight and die over the honor of their woman.

Simply put: Don't let your female companion get hit by a foul ball!

It can be publicly humiliating as the guy in Arizona is finding out, because it's a sure bet it will be caught on video, go viral before you get home, and TMZ will be knocking on your door at first light tomorrow.

Female fans at PNC Park made it clear to KDKA's John Shumway (and the men who were with them) today that they expect to be protected.

The message guys, sacrifice yourself at all cost! Failure to do so could have ramifications far beyond the resulting bruise she is sure to get.

So, the next time you go to a game, grab your glove (you want the souvenir and you know it) and if she questions your motivation just tell her, "I'm only thinking of you."

Remember you don't want to be "that guy."

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