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Unruly Travelers Could Lose TSA PreCheck, FAA Says

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - As the holiday travel rush continues, airport employees are trying to keep passengers under control, hoping to avoid more incidents.

The TSA and FAA are entering an information-sharing partnership.

The FAA says they've already had more than 5,500 unruly passenger reports this year with more than 4,000 being mask-related.

"The unacceptable, disruptive behavior we're seeing is a serious safety threat to flights," said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson. "We're committed to continuing our productive partnership with the Department of Justice to combat it."

The FAA administrator says unruly passengers can face a hefty price under their zero-tolerance policy.

Just in August, two people flying to Pittsburgh were fined around $10,000 each for fighting with airline personnel.

"Let this serve as a warning and a deterrent," said Dickson. "If you disrupt a flight, you risk not just fines from the FAA, but federal criminal prosecution as well."

Now the administrator says if you act out of line, you will wait in line.

Under the new partnership, the FAA will share information of passengers facing fines to the TSA, who can then remove the passenger from TSA precheck eligibility.

The TSA will also help the FAA identify and locate unruly passengers to serve them with penalty notices.

The Association of Flight Attendents president praised the new move.

Sara Nelson wrote in a tweet that "clear consequences for bad actors is critical."

Nelson also recommends creating a banned passenger list and ending the alcohol to-go cups in the airport.

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