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The Ultimate Big Game Party Survival Kit

By Crystal Hessong

Survive this year's big game with these must-have items that won't blow your budget. After all, you'll need to save your money for the most important part of any ultimate football party: The food.


1. Inflatable Football Field Cooler


You'll have a riot on your hands if you forget the cold drinks for your football bash. Keep beer, sodas and water chilled in this inflatable football field buffet from Amazon for just $16.99 plus shipping.

Get it on Amazon for $16.99


2. Cake Topper


Skip the labor of decorating a cake for your party with this edible image that takes the cake — or rather, tops the cake. This cake topper only costs $9.84 from Amazon.

Get it on Amazon for $9.84


3. Bottle Suits


Represent your team while keeping your beer cold. Check out these licensed bottle suits from NFL Shop for only $7.99. You can get one for the New England Patriots or one for the Philadelphia Eagles so you and your beer can wear your team colors.


4. Football Pool Score Card


Don't lose track of bets placed on the big game. Keep tabs on your football pool with this set from Windy City Novelties for just $5.95 per set.

Get it on for $5.95


5. Cell Phone Charging Station


Of course, everyone will want to keep up with social media on their phones during the game. Keep your guests' phone batteries charged up with a multiport USB charger for up to eight devices. It's just $20.69 at Amazon.

Get it on for $20.69


6. Table Decorating Kit


Visit Party City to get a complete decorating kit for your table for just $5.99. Get the party started with these simple, cheap decorations for your snack table.

Get it at for $5.99


7. Party Recipe Book


Every good party deserves great food. Don't get stumped for recipes. Get this party recipe book by Hannie P. Scott from Amazon for only $6.99.

Get it on for $6.99


8. Turf Tablecloth


Hide the stains on your table from last year's party with a turf tablecloth from Target for just $7.65.

Get it on Target for $7.65


9. Crock Pot Slow Cooker


Don't cause a riot at your big game party by forgetting to serve chili. Break out this Crock Pot slow cooker and fill it with meaty goodness. Get it from Walmart for $24.94.

Get it at for $24.94


10. TV Wall Mount


Free up more table space by getting your flat screen off a coffee table and onto the wall. You'll increase your snack serving area — always a plus for big game Sunday — and it takes mere minutes to install this wall mount, which costs just $24.99.

Get it on for $24.99


11. 3-Device Universal Remote Control


Don't get caught playing rock-paper-scissors for who has to get up to adjust the TV volume. Get a new remote control for the big game. This RCA universal model from Amazon controls TV, satellite, cable, streaming, DVD and VCR and only costs $7.35.

Get it on for $7.35


12. Plastic Cups


Keep the drinks flowing with this set of 25 cups. At a price of only $22.99, tossing these cups after the party becomes a non-issue.

Get it on for $22.99


13. Big Game Tee-Shirt


You can't go to a big game party in a plain tee — you might as well be naked. Even if you don't really care about who wins, you still need the right gear. Get this shirt celebrating the big game in Minneapolis, Minnesota from Amazon for $19.99.

Get it on for $19.99


14. NFL Coloring Book


Keep the little ones who come with their parents to your party occupied with a coloring book. It'll keep you from getting tackled by toddlers when you get up to refill your drink. This NFL coloring book has the logos of all the professional football teams in America, and it's only $5.95 per book through Amazon.

Get it on for $5.95


15. Beverage Napkins


Stop water rings on your furniture before they start by opting for the poor man's version of a coaster. These beverage napkins are both festive and useful, and they help clean up spills. Why wouldn't you stock up? They cost only $13.99 for 32 from Amazon.

Get it on for $13.99


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