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U.S. Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Sees Pittsburgh As Leading The Way Internationally On Job Transformation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up his two-day visit to Pittsburgh on Thursday.

When KDKA's Jon Delano met with Blinken, he said Pittsburgh can teach others how to make the right transition from the old to the new economy.

"That is what is happening every day in this city," Blinken said. "I think for both us and the government, and our European partners, there is a lot to be learned."

Blinken said America's dependence on Made-in-China has hurt the supply chain here at home.

"One of the things we have learned, including from the COVID-19 crisis, is we have to build more diversified and more resilient supply chains, including bringing some of that manufacturing and supply back to the United States," Blinken said.

WATCH: Full Interview With Blinken

In addition to China, KDKA's Jon Delano as Blinken about Russian-based ransomware.

"We need to make sure that there are better defenses in place," he said. "That people are aware of the problem, they are putting in place the necessary protections to guard against it."

"We also have to go on the offensive and disrupt and dismantle these mostly criminal organizations," Blinken added.

The secretary has been criticized for his handling of the departure from Afghanistan. KDKA's Jon Delano asked him about reports that he delayed the evacuations of civilians.

KDKA's Jon Delano: Is this true?

Blinken: This was, first of all, the president's decision to end the longest war in our history, was the right decision. For anyone to say that any of these decisions were made by any one agency, that is not how we work. We do all of this together. ... We make these decisions collectively. That is what happened in Afghanistan.

In an increasing blame game between the Pentagon and State Department, Blinken refused to criticize Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

As for Pittsburgh, Blinken sees this area as leading the way internationally on job transformation.


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