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"The Drew Barrymore Show" debuts on September 14!

"The Drew Barrymore Show" makes its premiere on Monday, September 14 and Barrymore and her team are providing fans a peak behind the curtain of their new daytime talk show with a new digital docu-series called "The Making Of The Drew Barrymore Show."

The four part digital docu-series features Drew taking viewers behind the scenes of her show, where she shares an honest, raw and emotional look at how life has changed for her since preparing for this show and how the unprecedented circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted everything.

"We want to bring you behind the scenes of what this year long journey has been like for us creating this show," said Barrymore in the first episode of the series. "It's been exciting, it's been scary, it's been challenging, but really at the end of the day, it's been an opportunity that we want to realize in ways that exceed expectations."

The Making of The Drew Barrymore Show - Episode 1 by The Drew Barrymore Show on YouTube

Barrymore has been a star in Hollywood for decades thanks to her roles in movies like "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial," "Scream," "The Wedding Singer" and "50 First Dates." The docu-series begins with footage of the show's pilot episode that was filmed back in August 2019.

"I wanted to have a lot of group meetings, so everyone was on the same page with what the tone was," said Barrymore. "As soon as it was over, I needed to know it would get us over a finish line to make the show we were really going to make."

In episode one of the docu-series, Barrymore also discusses her professional career that began before she was two years old, dealing with rejection in Hollywood and being her authentic self.

"Once they said it was official, I was running back from the bathroom having one of the biggest panic attacks I've ever had in my life," said Barrymore. "I can't really explain it. I have so much work every single day to figure out, re-invent and re-spark that fire and get down to what is worth being on the air. What are people going to respond to."

Episodes 2-4 will be released later this week. Barrymore said she started to cry when she first walked into her show's offices because she had her "Working Girl" fantasy. She goes on to say her work life has been so transient and that it's nice to be grounded by a desk, an office and a studio.

(Excerpt from "The Drew Barrymore Show" website): From news to pop culture, human interest to comedy - we can have those amazing discussions that we need to have in order to grow! I love exploring everything and finding our way to beauty and wisdom, as well as to the heart and humor in life. I want to reach for an intelligent optimism and just have some fun while doing so. 

"The Drew Barrymore Show" premieres Monday, September 14 and will air at 3pm on Pittsburgh's CW!

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