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Syracuse Abuse Probe Has Pittsburgh Connection

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Allegations of sexual abuse have rocked another major college sports program.

Syracuse University has now fired the school's longtime assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine after new allegations with a Pittsburgh connection.

The 65-year-old who was in his 36th season at Syracuse is now facing allegations from Zach Tomaselli that Fine molested him in a local hotel room following a Pitt-Syracuse basketball game in 2002.

"I fell asleep to him fondling me. Woke up the next morning and he was fully dressed in a suit ready to go for the game and he gave me two thumbs up and he said, 'Game day,'" the alleged victim said.

Zach Tomaselli says Fine allegedly brought him to a game here then took him to a hotel somewhere in Pittsburgh, allegedly showed him porn movies and allegedly repeatedly molested him.

"He looked at me and he said, 'Sometimes friends will help each other and touch each other.'"

Investigators believe Tomaselli may have credibility issues. Right now he is facing his own child abuse charges in Maine. Also, his father says he's lying, that he's never been to Pittsburgh and never went to a Pitt-Syracuse game here.

Tomaselli stands by his story that he was molested.

"This happened four to five times throughout the night. He had no emotions on his face. He didn't really say anything," he said. "It was just like it was a normal thing."

Pittsburgh police released a statement indicating they have talked with Syracuse police. They are waiting for information from Syracuse. Once they get that they will initiate a formal investigation.

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
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