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Superstorm Sandy Having Impact On Transportation

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Whether by car, train or plane, Superstorm Sandy is affecting transportation all across the country, including here in Pittsburgh.

The last Megabus from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia left Monday ahead of the worst of the storm.

"Well, I live in Harrisburg and I work in Harrisburg, and I need to get back there before the week starts," said Michelle Rose, of Harrisburg. "This is the last bus, and I didn't know that till today, so I'm feeling very lucky."

"Kind of feels like a zombie apocalypse," added Emma Delvecchio, of Philadelphia. "Everything's shutting down, so I just want to get out of here. Get home safe."

At 11:05 a.m., they were on their way.

And some of the folks at the Greyhound Station nearby wished they'd known. Some of them are stuck here unless things change.

"The earliest that they can get me out would be the first," said Lee Utley, of Philadelphia, "First of November."

And it's been no honeymoon for the Brooks couple of Minnesota. They spent more time in Pittsburgh than in the Bahamas on their honeymoon cruise.

"So, we were supposed to stop in Charleston, but we couldn't cause the storm would have caught us; so we went to Norfolk, Va., instead," said Lauren Brooks, a newlywed. "Spent less than a day there and came back to New York, and now our flight's been canceled. So, we had to drive to Pittsburgh from New York last night to get here to take a flight home.

Meantime, the Turnpike Commission has cut speed limits to 45 miles an hour east of Carlysle, and are limiting trailers over fears of high winds.

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