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Humane Officials Seek Woman Who Dumped Dog From Moving Vehicle

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SPRINGDALE (KDKA) -- Humane officials at the Paws Across Pittsburgh animal rescue are trying to find a woman accused of tossing a dog out of her car as she was driving.

The happy-go-lucky Westie mix, who's being called Murphy, was spotted on Orchard Street around 3:15 p.m. Sunday by Beverly Walker.

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"I saw this gold-ish/tan car stop right across from the fence there. She opened her car door and let this little white puppy out," Beverly Walker said.

Walker thought the woman was letting the dog go to the bathroom, but then the woman took off.

"The puppy started chasing the car a little bit and then he was going back and forth, and by the time I come out, I couldn't find him," said Walker.

All Walker could catch was the woman's bleach blonde hair. She appeared to be middle-aged. The car was a newer model sedan.

"Totally unacceptable. [There's] so many different options if you couldn't care for your dog, if you didn't want your dog. There's shelters, there's rescues," said President of Paws Across Pittsburgh Jackie Armour.

Armour is fostering Murphy. She said she followed him around the streets of Springdale Monday until she finally caught him that evening.

"When we first brought him home he was full of burrs. Hundreds of burrs all over him. He was out in that stormy night, so I'm guessing he burrowed in under some shrubs or something like that," said Armour.

His nails were also really long and needed to be trimmed. However, a day later, Murphy is doing much better.

"I hope there's a neighbor that seen she had a white dog and doesn't have it anymore and knows her car and turns her in," said Walker.

Humane Officer Mindy James, with Paws Across Pittsburgh, said tossing a dog out of a car like this is illegal. An investigation is underway and officials said the person who did this could face charges. They don't know who the owner is because the dog didn't have a microchip or dog tags.

Murphy will likely be put up for adoption if officials find out he wasn't stolen.

If you have any information on the case, you're being asked to come forward. The Paws Across Pittsburgh website can be found at this link.

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