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South Hills T Riders May Face Delays Due To Track Repairs

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - South Hills commuters can expect more delays starting Monday.

One week after the Port Authority reopened the Red Line in Beechview, they will detour inbound traffic while repairs are done to tracks at the Mt. Washington Transit Tunnel.

All inbound light rail cars and buses will be detoured over the Old Allentown Line, and the inbound Wabash Tunnel will be closed. Outbound traffic will not be affected.

"You're going to have light rail vehicles, buses, and just regular vehicles all in mixed traffic along Arlington and Warrington Avenues," says Adam Brandolph, a Port Authority spokesman.

The Port Authority will be trying to make the changes as smooth as possible.

"Port Authority Police are going to be at all the intersections, or at least at some intersections, directing traffic, trying to keep things moving," Brandolph said.

Jim Ritchie, Port Authority communications officer, tells the "KDKA Morning News" the tracks are 20 years old and need to be replaced.

"They're breaking," says Ritchie. "We had a lot of trouble with them last year. We need to get in there before winter and replace them."

Shuttle buses will take riders from Station Square to Downtown.

But the Port Authority is warning commuters to leave extra early.

"Plan to leave your house early to get the light rail vehicle or your bus a little bit earlier," Brandolph said.

Work is expected to be finished in about three weeks.

For more information on the repairs to the transit tunnel, visit the Port Authority's website here.

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