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Shell Says It's Addressing Workers' Concerns At Beaver Co. Cracker Plant Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) -- Shell says it is addressing workers' concerns at the Beaver County cracker plant amid complaints about conditions during the coronavirus outbreak.

The virus has not slowed construction at the multibillion-dollar cracker plant as thousands of workers continue to speed the project towards completion.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

Workers at the cracker plant construction site are reporting a lack of progress on a laundry list of concerns related to the potential spread of the coronavirus.

In addition to photos of crowded meetings on Monday morning, workers sent KDKA new pictures of packed busses used to carry workers to and from the site, as well as pictures of unsanitary portajohns with no hand sanitizer.

There is one confirmed case of coronavirus in Beaver County.

One worker sent KDKA's Andy Sheehan a message complaining that workers are at high risk.

For its part Shell, says it is addressing all of those concerns.

They sent a statement that says the health and safety of the workers is their highest concern, and they assured Beaver County Commissioner Daniel Camp the problems will be fixed.

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