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School In Beechview Facing Another Bed Bug Problem

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Pittsburgh Beechwood PreK-5 school in Beechview will be treated with pesticides Saturday after school officials say they found a bed bug on a student recently.

The same school underwent a pest management plan last April because of a similar bed bug problem.

The mother of a second grade Beechwood student - who did not want to be identified - expressed anger, telling KDKA-TV: "I'm very upset. I have children that have a lot of health problems, and other issues, and we don't need no more."

Parents found out about the bed bug problem Friday when the principal sent letters home, informing them of the nuisance.

The principal said even though it was unlikely that a school [building] would be infested with bed bugs, the district was going to have certain areas of the facility treated for the pests, including classrooms, the cafeteria and the locker areas.

The treatment is supposed to begin Saturday at 9 a.m.

Unlike mosquitoes spreading things like the West Nile Virus, bed bug bites are not known to spread disease; however, they could cause allergic reactions and are usually associated with unsanitary conditions.

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