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Scam Suspect Accused Of Going Door-To-Door With Daughter, Claiming To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Who can resist buying Girl Scout cookies, not many of us, even if we don't eat them.

We just buy them to help out the Girl Scouts. Police say that's what Cody Patrick Wylie counted on in his own neighborhood.

Pat Bigenho told KDKA's Brenda Waters she feels scammed.

According to the criminal complaint, 33-year-old Wylie went door-to-door back in March in Washington Township, Westmoreland County, claiming to sell the famous cookies.

Bigenho says her husband bought two boxes for $8.

"Mr. Wylie was walking with his daughter selling Girl Scout cookies. He asked my husband if he wanted to buy some. He ordered two boxes of Tagslongs and my husband gave him $10, told him to keep the change," says Bigenho. "Wylie said he was going to donate it to disabled veterans."

Bigenho says Wylie only wanted cash and had an official looking Girl Scout order form.

Needless to say, the cookies were never delivered; and ironically, Wylie was selling the cookies during the time the scouts would have been delivering them.

Waters: "Are you disappointed?"

Bigenho: "Yes, because we trusted him. He went to school with some of the kids in the area. They are all grown up now. To think that this kind of thing is going on in your neighborhood is not good. He was nice back in the day."

The criminal complaint lists eight people who were allegedly ripped off by Wylie, anywhere from $4 to $44 each. But one neighbor knew of others who were scammed, but didn't report it to police.

Wylie is in the Westmoreland County Jail.

Bigenho told KDKA she is relieved.

"I am grateful he is there. We can rest more easy, everyone was on edge," she said.

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