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Sarah Steele On 'The Good Fight', Christine Baranski & Her Career

(CBS Local)-- While most people ease their way into the acting industry, Sarah Steele's first project was a major Hollywood movie with Adam Sandler & Téa Leoni.

It's been 15 years since a 15-year-old Steele starred alongside these industry leaders in the movie "Spanglish." Today, Steele plays Marissa Gold on "The Good Fight", which heads into season three on CBS All Access. Steele has been with the show since it was "The Good Wife" and can't believe she is still playing Marissa.

"What's hilarious and ironic about the fact that I'm still playing Marissa Gold is that I got the part in a very brief moment when I was in college," said Steele in an interview with CBS Local. "I really thought that acting wasn't for me and it ended up being a phase. At the time it was a two episode arch and then I went back to school and didn't think much of it."

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Steele quickly became a mainstay on "The Good Wife" and later was asked by the show creators Robert & Michelle King if she would be interested in joining the spin-off. Her character Marissa has come a long way since that initial two episode arch.

"I have so much respect for Marissa, I love how brave and tough she is and I love that she is never afraid to say exactly what she thinks," said Steele in an interview with CBS Local. "She is unique, there is not another character on TV like her. She feels like a collaboration and creation of what they wrote and what I did."

You can stream season three of "The Good Fight" right now on CBS All Access. Steele says fans should be excited about how many twists and turns the show will take.

"What I love most about this season is that it's crazy," said Steele. "It is crazy, wild television. It started to become clear last season, but this season it's even more in your face. This is not 'The Good Wife.''

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