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Rep. Guy Reschenthaler Will Not Get Coronavirus Test After Being In 'Very Close Proximity With' Texas Congressman Who Tested Positive

PETERS TOWNSHIP, Pa. (KDKA) -- U.S. Rep. Guy Reschenthaler is now self-quarantining at his home in Peters Township.

He says the physician at the House of Representatives recommended that after he was in close contact with another congressman who tested positive for coronavirus.

When Reschenthaler heard on Wednesday that U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican, had coronavirus, he knew he had a problem.

"I was in very close proximity with Louie Gohmert," Reschenthaler told KDKA political editor Jon Delano. "In fact, he and I shared a desk because we were rotating desks for maintaining social distancing. I was also in numerous conversations with him, and he and I walked from the Capitol back to our offices in the Cannon Office Building."

By mid-afternoon, the Peters Republican was driving himself home.

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"Out of an abundance of caution, when he tested positive, the House physician told me I should go into quarantine," Reschenthaler said.

Reschenthaler says he feels just fine and will work from home but no coronavirus test.

"It would have taken a few days to get the test, and then it would have taken several days to get the results of the test," Reschenthaler said.

Reschenthaler could miss important votes on coronavirus relief bills. He says he supports a second $1,200 per person check but opposes extending the $600 a week unemployment benefit that expires this week.

"The $600 amount in some areas of the country is a problem because individuals are incentivized not to go back to work, which makes it harder for businesses to reopen and to jump-start the economy," Rep. Reschenthaler said.

The Republican was also asked about President Donald Trump's tweet on Thursday, questioning if the November election should be delayed.

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"I think that's Trump just being Trump," he said. "The election is set by Congress, and we're going to have the election on Nov. 3. It's been set. We're going to have the election that day."

Reschenthaler, of course, is also on the ballot. He is opposed by Democrat Bill Marx of Delmont.

As for missing votes, he could vote by proxy, but House Republicans are not exercising that option. Reschenthaler says he will report how he would have voted had he been there.

Last March, U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, a Butler Republican, also quarantined when he tested positive for Coronavirus. Kelly, who says he lost 30 pounds during the ordeal, says he is now fully recovered.

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