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Re-Opening Of Inbound T Line At Station Square Eases Commute

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STATION SQUARE (KDKA) - It was a great day for commuters at the Station Square T stop on Monday after The Port Authority reopened the inbound tracks.

"It was great. It wasn't too crowded and back on track," said Anita Ostrowski.

The inbound tracks officially reopened on Saturday, but Monday marked the first morning rush commute.

On Aug. 5, a Norfolk Southern train derailed above the tracks, dropping rail cars down the hillside and severely damaging the T tracks below.

station square t stop
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"I was actually on the T going to town a few hours before the collapse so it's miraculous no one got hurt," said Hakim Rasheed.

Crews worked for more than 20 days to clean up the debris and replaced more than 1,600 feet of light rail track and 4,000 feet of overhead power lines.

The outbound tracks resumed operation on Thursday, Aug. 23.

"I was impressed they got it done pretty quickly given everything that happened," said Rasheed.

The inbound light rail had been using the old Allentown line while crews made repairs, and everyone seemed excited to resume their normal travel plans on Monday.

"Yeah I'm walking up to the T, right on time, yeah I'm great," said Ostrowski. "So now I'm headed over the bridge to town."

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