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Red Fox Family Making Farmhouse Yard In Upper St. Clair Home

UPPER SAINT CLAIR (KDKA) -- Even the resident groundhog was a little perturbed by his new neighbors, but the litter of red foxes seemed quite content with their new den in Upper Saint Clair.

"They look just like puppies," said Linda Justice, who lives nearby.

But Justice said her dog had a not so pleasant experience with one of the pups this morning. The Rottweiler came inside licking his wounds, curiosity got the best of him.

"I heard a big hiss and I came out and there was a baby fox in the corner of my yard trapped by my dogs, and my Rottweiler got a little whap on his nose," said Justice.

Neighbors counted five pups using the old farmhouse yard along Fort Couch Road as a den and playground. The mother, known as a vixen, kept close watch, and the father most likely also nearby.

"About two and a half years ago, we saw a red fox and she had three pups," said Justice. "And they were only here a couple days."

There's no telling if it's the same vixen or how long the family will stick around for, but Pennsylvania Game Commission officials say typically parents will train the pups into the summer and they go off on their own by the fall.

Justice just wanted her neighbors to know that the new family in Upper Saint Clair is here and to keep a look out.

"In Upper Saint Clair, we do have wild animals. You'll see skunks and groundhogs, but when I saw that baby fox trapped in my yard, I got a little panicked," she said. "There's homes right down behind here, so everyone just be careful."

The Game Commission has been notified.

In the meantime, if you see the foxes, you're reminded to admire them from a distance.

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