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Some Pittsburgh Steelers Season Ticket Holders Want To Skip Season Over Coronavirus Fears

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Things are still up in the air, but right now the NFL fully intends to have a full schedule of games.

But some Steelers season ticket holders would like to skip this season due concerns about the coronavirus. There is no greater loyalty than that of Steelers season ticket holders to their beloved football team, and Jay Reifer is one.

"I'm a 35-year season ticket holder Steeler fan," he said.

But Reifer is also 70 years old and at risk if he contracts coronavirus. He wrote to the Steelers, saying this year he does not want to be among the large throng of Steelers faithful and put him himself in jeopardy.

Reifer: "I was hoping that they give me an option for a year off without losing my season tickets and or my seat license.
KDKA's Andy Sheehan: "And they said?"
Reifer: "And they said sorry there is no option, you've got to pay by a June 1."

In an email, the Steelers said while they would reimburse season ticket holders for any games not played, there is no option to skip a year and still retain the seats. Reifer says it's unfair for him and others under extenuating circumstances to either pay or lose the seats.

"I think it's unfair as a cookie cutter approach, everyone in the same basket, to have to pay, especially people who have been laid off or furloughed," Reifer said.

Today, KDKA's Andy Sheehan contacted Steelers spokesperson Burt Lauten who told him that policy is now under review.

"We're continuing to work with the league and reviewing this to see if there's a fan-friendly and fair policy to be crafted. Meanwhile, we are encouraging season ticket holders to contact us directly if they have concerns," said Lauten.

Some decision could be made before the June 1 deadline, but Reifer says he'll go ahead and buy the seats regardless.

"Because I'm a retired guy and I can do that, but I can see that a lot of people are going to be losing season tickets they've had in their families for decades," Reifer said.

This is a fluid situation, but indications from the Steelers are they do not want to see people losing their season tickets for extenuating circumstances. KDKA will bring all details as they developed.

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