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Demonstrators Protest New Zone 5 Police Station In East Liberty

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Protesters marched in East Liberty against the relocation of Pittsburgh Police's Zone 5 station.

Pittsburgh Public Safety reported a crowd moved through the East Liberty neighborhood on Monday. The protesters sat in the intersection of Centre Avenue and Kirkwood Street before stopping at N. Euclid Avenue and Broad Street. They then dispersed around 7 p.m.

KDKA's Pam Surano says about 200 protesters called Zone 5 police station's relocation an over-policing of the neighborhood.

After several years of renovation, Pittsburgh Police are preparing to reoccupy the Zone 5 police station in East Liberty, not far from where police and protesters clashed last month.

Demonstrators say police caused the panic; however, police said they were under assault by a small group of agitators.


Activists also called for the funding of affordable housing and more social services here.

The protest was peaceful.

Public Safety did say there were some motorists who were "vocalizing their displeasure" with the demonstrators. KDKA's Pam Surano encountered one counter-protester.

"There are people out here trying to lead you to no man's land, okay? They don't have a plan. They don't know who they should be pointing the finger at," he said.

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