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Pittsburgh Family Spends Days Unsure If Their Loved Ones In The Bahamas Had Survived Hurricane Dorian

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - The wait is over for a Pittsburgh family who didn't know if their loved ones had survived Hurricane Dorian when it hit the Bahamas.

For Randy and Sylvia Nagy, the Bahamas have been a paradise.

For the past 20 years, they owned a home in a secluded area on the beach where they spent many months of the year.

But then, Dorian came.

The family last spoke with them Sunday night.

"They got to hear their voice. You know, say goodbye, be safe. Then that was it. After 8 p.m., there was no more," said Theresa Nagy-Bonner, the couple's daughter.

The Nagys said they were staying on the island, after all, it was just a Category 3. But then, Dorian's fury turned into a Category 5.

Back here in Pittsburgh, the family watched the devastation and had no way of knowing their parents' fate.

"Our stomachs are sick," Nagy-Bonner told KDKA.

"Nobody could eat. Everyone was just sick. My aunts were sick for their sister. It was just heart wrenching."

After three days of waiting, a call got through. It was the news they were hoping for: they were alive.

Family friend Daniel Bain took a treacherous fifty mile trek to track down the Nagys.

When Bain got back to a place with electricity, he was able to send this video of Randy Nagy, saying, "We're doing well. We got food. We got water. And everything is good. Love ya."

The Nagys survived, but their little slice of paradise is lost.

This was home before Sunday:

nagys home before
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

This is what's left of it now:

nagys home after
(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"It was good to see that they were standing and alive. They survived. They survived."

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