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Public Hearings To Be Held About Proposed Bike Lanes

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Reactions to the new proposed bike lane plan have been mixed so far.

Some believe it's a good idea that's needed in the city… where others feel the city's resources should go elsewhere.

The proposed plan is a long project and there are a lot of proposed changes in it.

Numerous neighborhoods within the city will see the additional bike lanes and other trails.

But there are areas they focused more on— like the Northside and Southside neighborhoods.

KDKA stopped by in Homewood— which is just one location that will see more bike lanes.

People there say they like the idea because the idea of having less vehicles on the road— means less congestion.

"Like on snowy days where the sidewalks are too messed up like they can follow right behind a bike.  And people won't mess with you and they see it's a bike lane and instead of driving it helps out," said Homewood resident Haneef Abdulhafith.

"It would be a positive change for the neighborhood. I see good things coming from it. I can't say anything bad coming from it," Abdulhafith.

The city is offering public meetings.

Last Friday was the first one, but there are several more happening this week.

The next one is in Allegheny Central, with other meetings to be held in Homewood, Southside, and Downtown.

The city looks to cut its transportation emissions in half by 2030 with this plan as well.


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