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'People's Lives Are Literally On The Line': Deadline To Enroll In Affordable Care Act Approaches

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - In Lincoln-Lemington is one of five locations of the East Liberty Family Health Care Center. The group was founded in 1982 as a place that provides care regardless of a patient's ability to pay.

Dr. David Hall, M.D. is the group's medical director. He says, "A third of our patients have no insurance. A third have qualified for medical assistance or other support."

He says the balance of the patients come to their office because of the quality of care they receive from the staff.

Bill Cannata is one of the patients who counts on their care: "I was a little on the obese side, and they actually saved my life. They really dug into my health, my health issues. Dr. Hall was one of my PCPs (primary care physicians)."

Today, Hall and Cannata had special visitors in the office. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Governor Tom Wolf and the state's Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman.

"Healthcare in America should not come down to haves and have nots," said Altman.

"Not the left versus the right, the progressives versus the conservatives. This is about our health, and people's lives are literally on the line."

The traveling dignitaries want everyone to know about the Dec. 15 deadline to enroll for coverage through the Affordable Care Act via

Senator Casey also had a warning for people mistakenly signing up for what he calls "junk coverage." He says it often happens when they do an internet search for healthcare, but click on something other than

"That leads them down a path to enrolling in a plan that isn't the kind of plan they want," cautions Casey. "They think it covers a pre-existing condition and sometimes it doesn't."

Governor Wolf said that millions of Americans are trapped in jobs they don't want because they fear they can't find another job that will provide the health care they need for their family.

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Wolf told the audience to make sure they signed up for coverage or change their coverage plans before midnight deadline Sunday.

"Please take advantage of the Affordable Care Act as it is right now. Sign up for Get insured and make sure that you and your family -- that you are covered" urged Wolf.

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