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Peduto Welcomes Wagner To Mayoral Race

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The race for Pittsburgh mayor is heating up.

Jack Wagner's got a long resume - former president of City Council, former state senator, former auditor general. Now he wants to add mayor to the list.

"We have a great city and I would like to build upon its greatness.," Wagner told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano. "And I truly believe that our government, our local government, can do better."

In the exclusive interview, Wagner said he'll make next Tuesday's deadline for filing his petitions to run in the Democratic primary.

"I welcome Jack," said City Councilman Bill Peduto, a mayoral candidate. "Jack's somebody who I used to work for back in the '90s."

Peduto, who in a recent poll was the leading candidate in crowded field with 30 percent, is confident Wagner won't cut into his base of supporters.

The Peduto campaign is betting Wagner will take votes from other candidates.

Peduto: "Our goal is to start in the 30s, move to the 40s to have a victory that includes all of Pittsburgh."

KDKA's Paul Martino: "And you can do that in a crowded field?"

Peduto: "Absolutely."

Wagner, meantime, will have to catch up with Peduto and City Controller Michael Lamb who have already been out there shaking hands and raising money.

"I have a lot of good supporters, people that believe in me," Wagner said. "I'll be calling on them very soon."

Jack Wagner Running For Mayor (3/8/13)
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