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Public Works Crews Urge Residents To Avoid Parking On The Street When It Snows

By: Erika Stanish/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- With heavy snow predicted across the region, local townships and municipalities are working to stay ahead of the storm in order to keep the roads clear and drivers safe.

Elizabeth Township, Scottdale Borough and Bethel Park are just a few that are urging residents to not park vehicles on the street when it snows.

"The road crew has been instructed to not take a chance on roads that are blocked due to parking issues," the Borough of Port Vue Public Works said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Elizabeth Township Police Chief Kenneth Honick said vehicles parked on the street during a winter storm will not only slow down the process but can become a safety issue.

"It creates obstacles and dangerous spots for our plows, and we don't want to have damaged vehicles or damage to our equipment. We want to clear the roads as best we can so that we can ensure safe travel for our residents and visitors," Honick said.

Elizabeth Township has an ordinance prohibiting residents from parking on streets during a snow event.

"It makes it difficult for our road crew to maneuver through those safely," Honick said.

During last week's snowstorm, several streets across the region couldn't be plowed or treated because of parked cars. Honick said trash cans left out and basketball hoops can also cause problems.

"We still do have some older neighborhoods where some of our road widths are not quite two cars wide, maybe a quarter-and-a-half wide. And again, with the large snow trucks, it does make it difficult for our road crew to maneuver through those safely," Honick said.

Officials said if residents want their roads plowed, steer clear from parking on streets.

Bethel Park also reminds residents to be prepared and fill their gas tanks and install winter tires.


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