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Overdue Library Books From 1924 Returned To Dormont

DORMONT (KDKA) — When Paul Kaminski brought this box of books to the Dormont Historical Society, little did he know they were truly coming home.

That's because the building, the Dormont Municipal Building, used to be Dormont School in the 1920′s where some of these books were checked out.

Paul, who was raised in Dormont, drove the books back from Arizona where his cousin had them. In the box, he discovered library books from the 1920′s.

"A fine of five cents a day shall be paid on each book which is not returned according to the above rule," he said.

That comes to a $1,600 library fine for just this 1924 book!

Among the books was "All Quiet on the Western Front," an old Tom Swift book from Hornes in downtown Pittsburgh and even a pressed red rose between some pages.

One book has a special inscription.

"This is my grandfather to my dad, giving him the book," Paul explained. "From Dad to Edward, May 1929."

Paul's dad, Edward, died when Paul was only 21.

Muriel Moreland, founder of the Dormont Historical Society, helped KDKA-TV and Paul do some digging in their museum.

They found a picture of Paul's dad in high school and Paul's uncle, Vic, in elementary school in 1925 – probably the boy who never returned all those books.

They also found Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's senior picture from Dormont High School. Beside it, it says: "Pet peeve — Stuck up girls. Ambition – to go to college."

They also found other famous Dormont graduates – Dave Newell, a.k.a. Mr. McFeely and Dennis Miller who graduated with Paul from Keystone Oaks – the new high school for Dormont kids.

If you'd like to explore for yourself or donate to the collection, the Dormont Historical Society is open on Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on certain weekend days.

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