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'We're One Big Community:' Out Of Town Officers Come To Pittsburgh For Officer Calvin Hall's Funeral

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Men and women in blue greeted their colleagues and remembered the sacrifice of Officer Hall on Pittsburgh's North Side.

The staging area for officers who attended the funeral of Officer Calvin Hall was on Pittsburgh's North Side in the parking lots across from the Allegheny County police memorial.

Several of the officers said this was another example of how the law enforcement family shows its support to a fallen officer's family.

"When you work in law enforcement, we're one big community. It doesn't matter if you're from New York, Portland, Oregon, Boardman, Ohio, or Pittsburgh," said Patrolman Evan Beil from Boardman, Ohio Police Department.

"That's what law enforcement is, it's a big family, coming together to show the support, to be a shoulder to cry on, just to console them."


From Boardman, Ohio, to Bethel Park, Erie, Edgewood, and Greensburg, the officers agreed it's important for Officer Hall's family to know that he will not be forgotten.

"Our hope is that by the large showing of uniform personnel that they also feel the support of our community as law enforcement," said Lt. Lisa Jobe from the Pennsylvania State Police Greensburg.

Kim Weigand from East Berlin, Pennsylvania, is the executive director of C.O.P.S., the Concern of Police Survivors. She lost her son, who was a police officer, in 2008.

"I feel like I'm giving back what was given to me," she said.

"We're there for support. We help them with whatever they need. Just to listen. We're a shoulder to lean on. We don't let them walk this path alone."

It was a difficult day for Officer Hall's family, and his brothers and sisters in blue hope their support will ease the family's pain.

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