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'One Shot' Begins Filming On North Shore

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- An army of people were at work on Pittsburgh's North Shore preparing for a shot right along the Allegheny River when just after 2 p.m., Tom Cruise stepped from an Escalade in Mazeroski Circle.

He greeted a few people in the circle and didn't seem to be in much of a hurry before he headed down the steps to the river walk.

On the river walk as Cruise was blocking the shot they were about to film, wife Katie Holmes and their daughter, Suri, came by to visit.

The North Side filming continues Friday because it's where the mass shooting in "One Shot" takes place. The makeshift memorials reflect the gravity of the crime.

For the shooting of the film, the Equitable building has sprouted a new fake entrance and new name.

Friday, the crew will also be filming outside the Benedum on 7th Street, except it's temporarily called the Cat's Head Theater.

While the shooting will be going on in the heart of the work day, the Pittsburgh Film Office cautions those who might want to star gaze.

"We're not encouraging people to go by or anything and I don't even know what to say that people will see," Jessica Conner with the Pittsburgh Film Office said.

At some point, Cruise, the cameras and company will be taking up residency in the parking garage at 625 Stanwix where the sniper scenes will be shot and of course Jack Reacher's investigation.

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