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Nikita: Where Have You Seen That Guy Before?

Shane West Shane West (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

After watching Nikita, I immediately recognized some familiar faces. Who can forget Shane West as a doctor in ER or better yet, his heartfelt role in A Walk to Remember?  But it wasn't Mr. West that made me jump to my feet, squeal at the television, and do a little happy dance around my living room. The addition of character Owen Elliot in the first season and fifth episode of Nikita  had me grabbing for a paper bag. I was so close to  hyperventilating from shock and delight.

What actor plays Owen Elliot, you ask? The one and only Devon Sawa. Yes, yes, some of you may be scratching your head right now. But I assure you, Sawa graced your screen in the nineties more than just a couple of times. So if you can't remember, let me help you out.

In 1994, Devon Sawa played the adorable football player in a team of misfits. Little Giants remains a family classic, and his character, Junior Floyd, captured my heart growing up. Junior mockingly practices kissing his hand while sitting next to his best friend Becky "The Icebox" O'Shea, and the cute meter is off the charts. For once, I wanted to be the girl on the football team rather than the cheerleader.

Devon Sawa Actor Devon Sawa (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In 1995, Sawa made a short appearance in the film Casper as none other than the friendly ghost. His scene lasted only a few minutes, but after watching Casper in misty form for an hour, the reveal of the boyish blond did not disappoint.

In 1995, he also starred in another family classic called Now and Then. Sharing the screen with Christina Ricci, he was the next door neighbor you loved to hate. My crush was solidified by this movie. Even with Wormer for a last name, all of my friends swooned when he popped up.

In 1997, Sawa appeared in one of my all-time favorite nineties movies, Wild America. Three brothers go on a dangerous journey to film alligators, bears and moose as they try to fulfill their dreams of becoming naturalists. Sawa played the outgoing and courageous brother who finds himself in a bit of trouble. Without him, the film would have missed a spark.

In 2000, he's all grown up, playing probably his most recognized role as the lead in the original Final Destination. The success of the movie led to a huge franchise. Sawa broke out of his family friendly streak and showed his action skills. Luckily we have Nikita to satisfy our next craving.

I'm lovin' that he's in television so I can get my Sawa fix every Friday. So what about you, readers? Do you remember Sawa and his popular nineties films? Are you a fan? Sound off below!

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