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Flooding Causes Significant Damage In Millvale, Residents Left Frustrated

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MILLVALE (KDKA) – A slow-moving storm dumped a lot of rain, which caused significant flooding in Millvale Thursday morning.

At the height of the storm, flooding was so severe that all entrances into Millvale were blocked off.

Police told residents to get to the highest point of their homes because the water rose was rising quickly. Crews were out working to clear the debris from storm drains.

Girty's Run rose quickly and flooded several streets. North Avenue, near Lincoln Avenue, was among the hardest hit area. Many basements were flooded and residents are frustrated.

"Standing at my door, I started seeing how bad it was raining so I went around and told a couple people to move their cars because I've been in this before. I went down to the cellar and my sump pump wouldn't work. I tried bailing, but that didn't help…I tried to move stuff but it's useless," Carol Pilgram said.

"My basement is totally flooded. I got about five feet of water in my basement," Lisa Bradley said.

Every single one of Janet Zipf's neighbors on Bulter Street are flooded out She wants to know when enough is enough.

"They were supposed to take care of this in '03 when Ivan came through, they keep waiting and waiting and waiting. I don't know, I don't know," Zipf said.

Residents are fed up and say enough isn't being done about Girty's Run.

"And we're paying taxes on Girty's Run. We're paying tax on all this kind of other crap and it's not right. And I'm a senior and it's knocking the hell out of me," Pilgram said. "We're paying Girty's Run for what? North Hills don't pay it, other place don't pay it, why should we?"

There were also reports of water rescues being conducted on Evergreen Road.

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