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Vice President Mike Pence Heading To Western Pennsylvania Today

GREENSBURG (KDKA) - Today, the Vice President will be back in the Pittsburgh area.

Vice President Pence will be making a campaign stop to show the Trump Administration's support of law enforcement.

The first stop will be at the Greensburg Police Department for a "Cops for Trump" event and the goal of the event is to reaffirm the administration's commitment against defunding the police.

Following that event, Mr. Pence will be touring the Guy Chemical Company in Somerset.

The tour is part of the "Great American Comeback Tour" and will feature guest speakers discussing policies that will drive America's economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

However, as Mr. Pence and the Greensburg Police Department host the "Cops for Trump" event, local black leaders will be holding a rally to support the Black Lives Matter movement at St. Clair Park starting at 10:00 a.m. until noon.

Organizers say Westmoreland County residents will attend this rally "to make this a place where all of us have our rights respected and where we vote in real leaders who reflect the very best of every kind of American."

They say they have invited Greensburg's mayor and council members have also been invited.

The "Cops for Trump" event will begin at noon.

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