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Mayor's Former Bodyguard Prepares To Testify Before Grand Jury

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Lawyers for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's former bodyguard spent the day preparing for his testimony Tuesday, before a grand jury.

Fred Crawford is expected to testify in the morning.

Sources tell KDKA investigators that Crawford has already talked to the FBI about credit cards used by the mayor's bodyguards and how much Ravenstahl knew about those credit cards and their connection to an illegal slush fund at the Police Credit Union.

The former Pittsburgh police officer is expected to tell a tawdry tale of alleged lies, deceit and fraud as he worked security detail for Ravenstahl.

"I'm looking forward to the truth prevailing," Ravenstahl said.

The mayor is convinced Crawford is a lair.

"He obviously has an ax to grind," Ravenstahl said, "from the first day when Fred came forward and said what he said, anything he says at this point forward I discount. It's just not true."

Sources close to the investigation say Crawford alleges the mayor knew about a so-called illegal slush fund set up at the Police Credit Union.

Sources say Crawford alleges the mayor benefited from the cards -- a charge the mayor denies.

Crawford alleges Ravenstahl asked him to place charges on the card, services the mayor actually used.

Sources close the investigation are also saying Crawford kept a very detail log of all details he worked for Ravenstahl and sources indicate that log has been quite revealing.

Crawford is the third member of Ravenstahl's security detail to testify in front of the grand jury.

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