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Mayor Ravenstahl Reacts To Raid Of Police Headquarters

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Just a day after the FBI seized documents from Pittsburgh Police Headquarters, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is reacting to the federal investigation.

A team of FBI agents removing boxes of documents from police headquarters concerns Mayor Ravenstahl. However, he says public safety concerns him more.

"My job as the mayor is to make sure that the bureau functions and keeps people safe in our communities, and my sense at this point is that in no way has been jeopardized," Mayor Ravenstahl said.

Sources confirm Chief Harper is one of as many as 12 city police officers being looked at by the FBI.

The allegations involve the city's special events account, which is a moonlighting, off-duty department that controls nearly $800,000 per year.

Harper is also under investigation involving allegations he took kickbacks involving contracts for police radios and computers.

"And if I sense that any of these investigations or questions or allegations are affecting the chief and his staff's ability to continue to keep people safe, then I will act at that point," said Mayor Ravenstahl.

Meanwhile, City Controller Michael Lamb has concerns about the police department's control of so much money.

"We're doing the audit to determine what is really going on there," said Lamb. "If what is going on is what we've been told is going on, then we have a problem. We have a problem with that because it's not honest accounting."

Listent to KDKA Radio's Mike Pintek interview with City Controller Lamb:

FBI Agents Remove Documents From Police Headquarters (2/12/13)
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