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Mayor Gainey calls on Harrisburg for stronger gun legislation

Mayor Gainey calls for stronger gun legislation
Mayor Gainey calls for stronger gun legislation 02:24

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It was a simple request from Pittsburgh mayor, Ed Gainey.

Pass what he calls commonsense gun reform or let cities make their own laws. But opponents say more laws are not going to solve the problem.

"Give us a right to ban military-style assault weapons in our street," Gainey said in an impassioned appearance.

Mayor Gainey said enough is enough. He said younger people are dying each day.

"If we don't do something now, the age will continue to get smaller," the mayor added.

But opponents, like Firearms Owners Against Crime, said, allowing cities to have the power won't solve the problem.

"Are they trying to actually reduce crime and stop murders or have a feel-good motion to try and ban certain tools that get used," Jim Stoker said. Stoker is affiliated with Firearms Owners Against Crime.

Mayor Gainey said the city plans to continue working with neighborhood groups.

And the city said it's appealing to Pennsylvania's Supreme Court – a lower court ruling that would not allow their assault weapons ban from going into effect.

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